just war...

As a kid growing up in Israel i have always, always, been told Hezbollah get their katyushot missiles from Iran and Syria. Several BBC reporters have gone into the world of Hezbollah and it is not a pretty sight. Like in Kony's Ugandan "Army of the Lord" children are disciplined to join the military order from 7-10 years old. They breathe hate and loathing of the State of Israel and learn the honor of killing Israeli Citizens as one of the highest virtues. Like Hamas, they plan suicide bombings, cripple the Religion of Islam and as the largest armed force in Lebanon they boycot Beiroet's Democracy. Hezbollah, meaning "Party of God" preys on North-Israel since its inception in 1982 (also known as the year i myself was incepted).

Now, Israel is planning on dismanteling this war organisation by means of war, after the capture of some Israeli soldiers near the border. Israel is targetting all that benefits the existence of Hezbollah, including befriended civilians, essential infrastructure and offices, throughout Lebanon. Many civilians die, many foreigeners flee and Lebanon drops some 20 seats in the UN's Development charter.
This punishment is uncalled for and heavily overdone. Even if Hezbollah rockets terrify Haifa residents and Hamas Suicide bombers attempt to infiltrate Jerusalem on a daily basis. Israel bad, Israel Nationalistic, Israel Apartheid, Israel War Hungry, Israel Fascist, Israel Zionist, Israel Expansionist, Israel Nazist...

Another day, another war in the middle east and what about the countless deaths to civilians on a daily basis in Iraq, what about Sectarian killing and suicide bombs in Turkey, what about all else that is wrong in the world, and what about American colonisation of many parts of Israel? Is this war just? Would any democratic state wage war to terror-organisations on its border?

I have no answer. I read Debka.com for news from the front and hope all operations against Hezbollah can be carried out as efficient as possible, forcing all to return to negotiations. The stalemate in the Middle East is horrific, welcome to George W. Bush's world.


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