Political Affiliation

For the second time in my life i joined a political movement. The first time was when i just moved to live on my own. I was very attracted to the SP (Socialist Party). I had just walked in anti-war demonstrations in Amsterdam and Leiden, and being very disappointed with the other parties in The Netherlands i decided to join the SP...

For months i received their party spam, i refused to become an active local member when asked to go outside and paint schools, repair bikes, etc..

Once i actually opened up and read their magazine and to my horror i read how the party felt about the European Union's future. This made me feel uncomfortable and i left.

Now i joined Europe United. It seems like an embryonic party, but i am very fond of the federalism they boast. I hope to be able to contribute to their existence and i know now that national politics are less significant.


At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anton from Europe United said...

Hey Jonathan!

We've has decided to organize a bike fixing event in Brussels tomorrow, I trust you'll be there! =P

jk, nice blog. =)


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