How things are going...

It has been a really long time since i have posted a blog. And, guess what, not so much has changed in the world. The West is still stuck, Russia is stuck, China is stuck, EU is stuck, Israel is obviously stuck, and my parents divorced.

Here is an amazing composition by Terence Blanchard, for the Spike Lee Joint "WHen the levees broke", on hurricane Katrina.


What on Earth are THESE?!

http://view.break.com/278059 - Watch more free videos

From onegoodmove.org

Crazy American church....



In a month where relationships around me that seemed stable and grounded fell apart, or got destroyed, this song with this video helps reminding me what it is about


Symposium "Does History Evolve?"


On June 9th 2007 a one-day Symposium will be held in the Great Auditorium of Naturalis, the Natural History Museum of Leiden. Everybody is welcome, entrance fee is 20,-, 10,- for students.

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So if evolution is the theory of the development of life and human history is a collection of arguments, data and constructs, then what on earth would the two have in common? Seemingly, the point of this comparison is just to find out exactly whether or not these ideas fit. Both in their respect are an analysis of space and time, based on empericism and logic.

Besides, Steven and I (Jonathan) were so fascinated by the theory-of-history and global history colleges given by Peer Vries and the "Wolrd-Historical Turn" Seminars given by John E. Wills, we decided to organise a conference on Energy and World-History last year. This turned out to be such a succes, that we decided to organise another conference, partly inspired by works of Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs and Steel) and Robert Wright (The Logic of Human Destiny), who seek ways to incorporate laws and patters found in biology into cultural and social studies. Most of these biological schemes may be summarised as Evolution Theory. In this symposium we would like to present to the public different perspectives (anthropological, world-historical, cultural, biological, etc.) on how human history might fit clockwork evolutionary laws and mutations. And off course, we would like to offer the public the thrill of interdisciplinary and intellectual debate, mostly left out by the regular - not so global and interdisciplinary - curriculum.

Jonathan Even-Zohar and Steven Stegers


Information World

So what do we make of this? The end of the video concludes "Now You Know", but will the computers ever know? I guess not..


Pirates Ahoy!

So downloading movies and music without paying fo rit is piracy, and so major conglomerations and captains of legal industries are on the hunt to torrent spreaders and p2p-users. They may as well keep hunting as the economy of digital media is not on their side.

Insightfull and interesting aspect here


Yet Another Spike Lee Joints

Never mind the regular joints, Spike Lee Joints always open my eyes. Last nights we watched Inside Man with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington starring a very unusual bank-robbery vs. NYPD story. I won't go into the details but this movie, mostly due to its soundtrack puts you in the position i as viewer enjoy most: thinking and consuming.

Not your average stampeding police action, or criminally violent masterminds, this movie is a multi-layered (whatever that may mean) excellent Spike Lee joint. Light, Dark, Heavy and Light again. Not to mention complex.

Time for me to rewatch Do the Right Thing, Mo Better Blues, Malcolm X and 25th Hour.