Edward O. Wilson has spoken

Yesterday I went to my second Tinbergen Lecture, organised by the Natural History Museum, the NRC and Leiden University. Last year Jared Diamond spoke about collapsing societies and the need to acknowledge the need for cooperation if we want to survive.
This time it was Edward O. Wilson. This eminent scholar spoke about the need for unified science. Environmental Policy, Biology, Social Science and Ethics are sectors and the scientist needs to 'jump' in between the fields so that progress can progress.

I am now reading his book "Consilience. The Unity of Knowledge", which is very interesteing. When i let this man sign my book i proposed to him that History needs to feed into this global forwrd-driven science. He said there is a lot of ground to be covered and that doing world history will surely expose the links history, and humanities in a broader view, can make to 'science'.

He made a deep impression on me and the urge to engage in a new study is growing on me like a fungus.


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