When World Collide

What is one planet for one person, is a world full of terrifying alien elements to another. Western Civilisation is supposidly under threat. Our freedom of speech is under siege, no longer can we walk the streets without looking behind our backs. We, esspecially the Europeans, are loosing pride and confidence in our culture, thereby making way for Eurabia, Eurasia of Eurafrica.
Within one or two generations this continent will become a warzone of ancient european/western culture and foreign elements. Popular movement will rise to defend all that is uniquely ours, against the barbarian influence.

So where did we go wrong? What moves were obvious mistakes, for which we now taste the bitter fruit of alien culture infiltrating our huble corner of the world? Why are the Hordes coming to corrupt our distinct civilised citizenry?

Four historically identifyable mistakes European made, i will sum up:

1. Christianisation
2. Crusades
3. European Expansion
4. Imperialism

First of all, being conquered by Romans brought many good stuff: Chiefs became Kings, Hunting Grounds became Farms and howling hordes became disciplines knigthly soldiers, more or less. After the fall of the Empire, another - more evil - empire persisted, the Christian Rome. This empire broke off contacts with the South and East, esspecially after the rise of Islam. As a result of this act of conservative imperialsm, the European backlands became fearful and isolated.

This led to the second mistake: approaching the unknown world by mounting a 20,000-people strong expedition to save Jerusalem and the Holy Land. This legion of stinking, underfed cannibales greeted ancient civilisation of middle east by butchering all it encoutered. This was mistake #2.

Still some rational trading folk build up some good contacts with the middle-east, and learned the art of trade, calculations, science as a result of these contacts. Some actually believed this was their own rebirth! With the new knowledge they set out to find new trading grounds, with the result of worldwide trading companies. These multinationals benefitted from the scope of their trade, and they could easily control import/export martkets in asia by offering produce from the other side of the world. This led to amazing cultural developements back home, as enlightenment came around, science matured and participation in politics grew, as the riches grew in amounts. Becoming rich in the world-market was not unique, but the europeans did it ever more clever by looking for exceptional benefits, such as slave trade and staging various coups and regime changes around the world. (not forgetting destorying civilisations and humiliating indiginious peoples. Mistake #3

Then all really began rising to our heads. The world actually needed our civlisation. We needed the worlds resources to compete against each other. All this eventually led to the subjigation of millions, the deaths of millions in world wars and most of todays borders, of which many still conflicted. Mistake #4: Imperialism.

So now, we would like to spread democracy, and keep all that seek to bath in our wealth on the other side of the border / water.


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