History and Western values

Apperantly the US also stuck its nose into the Iraqi history school textbooks and appointed some iraqi expat to assign some history educators to put together a saddam- and baathless history book in 2003. Some Fuad Hussein, a European Kurd, was in charge and i have a hard time finding anything else about him on internet. Curious as i am, working at euroclio, the european history teachers association, i was looking for new opportunities, but there is this riddle i cannot solve.

Surely the west is this securalised and democratic world where values can be questions and events can be viewed from multiple perspectives, but how can iraqi's retell 20th century history, how do they approach ethnicity, religion in a way that must not only stimulate modern view of nationhood and citizenship, but must also try and place the international recent history into perspective. How can young iraqi's judge the american invasion, let alone reconcilliate within their own borders??


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