Good Times

Most of the time I wonder what will come next, how i could anticipate this happening and what can be needed to improve the progress during this time. Often I also reflect an evaluate the methods applied during this time. Sometimes i am critical of the chosen procedures, sometimes i am content and every once and a while i am happy. This is not say i am not a happy person. Happiness is an essential ingredient of the methods applied to undergo life in a positive and possible creative way.
Usually i choose a way that involves a repetitive pattern of similar challenges that have lead to satisfaction. Love being the most important method, Family being the most applied area. Loyalty to these help me determine the easiest path for my self to explore chances, run processes and accomplish a feeling of independence and respect.

(Bullshit, of which life is full, is a hazard. Bullshit leads to offensive behaviour and lack of trust in time, and energy if you wish....money has little to do with anything really)

This weekend i enjoyed the company of my girlfriend, my father, my mother, my brother, my stepmother, my stepfather, my stepsister, my dog, my stepdog in the comfort of a childhood home (ages 13-17) in Scheveningen.

I would suggest that these pictures are firm evidence of "a good time"


At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT!!!!! (Merav reading and commenting , with me smiling too :))


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