Death to The West!!

I hereby declare death to all that is "West". I see no logic or any form of sense in the existence of such an identity, or reality. Accepting the existence of such a term has caused only pain, inequality, poverty, war and destruction.
Science is supposed to use words that contain a certain quantifyable and/or falsifyable truth, and i think "West" has non of these traits. For when one looks at a 3D projection of our simulated planet (Google Earth), one can no longer make the distincion of West/East/North/South on the sphere.

People, the "West" must die and post-modernity must prosper. Why do we keep identifying the rich world as the West? Is it not painfully true that people of all nations, creeds and sexes, originating from all 'corners' of the world can become insanely rich, and that all have to suffer in poverty for them?

Sure, i am forgetting a small detail in this observation; History. History makes the West what it is, a progressive frunt-runner in the race of civilisation. A paradise-like place where wealth can be shared, risks can be taken that lead to innovation that helps all. The West is where every thought can be expressed and every living form can be protected at the same time. This has been the great accomplishment of the West, and is probably the only thing that keeps it alive.

This legacy however is false. Promoting an honest and free life is not typically Western, it is a trait belonging to rich states, empires and civilisations. The possiblity of equality and democracy has always existed in various communities and cultures. It has thrived and it has been undermined. It is universal.

I am not an advocate against free speech, but i hate lies, esspecially when these are publicly held truisms. The existence of the "West" is a major pain in the ass, so it must die.

Clashes of civilisations, cultures and religions are all in our heads, as phenotypes, memes, ideas, definitions. We can absolutly abolish them and become enlightened. Recognition of the fundamental reason for these definitions is survival-based mass-fear. Surely 'we' must be 'the west', for 'they' are a threat. (and will probably always be, whether they are Communist, Islamist or any other Barbarism)

So, please assist me and our society in accepting the fact that there is no imminent world-peace threatening danger other than our own fear-driven massconsumption, massfear and our severely naive trust in Historical definitions, such as "West".

Cultural Values and Norms are still as surreal and stretchable as they were before 9/11, in the good ol' Post-Modern days.

Death to The West! Long Live Three-Dimensionality.


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