Bombs and Rockets, Alliances and Empires, Democracies and Nations. Dictatorships and Revolutionaries. All keep feeding the big Terror that mankind seems to need in order to live. Security can only be achieved through agreements. Agreements cannot be achieved by power, not standing ones at least.

Israel must be allowed to exist? Hezbollah must be allowed to kill? Iran must be allowed to develop Nuclear Energy? Europe must be allowed to keep its own cultural identity? USA msut be allowed to defend its national interest in the world?

I have deep respect for aid agency's, journalists, united nations observers and all others who keep trying to be unbiased within this ocean of statist, supranational, imperial, religious, ethnical and terrorist interests.

For an overview of issues The Daily Show has a small sketch:

Still, the best thing to do is to try and get as large a variety of sources possible and to focus and demand people surrounding you keep focussed on the overall human cost of war.


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