CNN vs. Euronews

Yesterday I watched a piece on CNN International (the only CNN I can receive in The Netherlands) about some town in Arizona with a legendary wool-factory, which was now taken over by hispanics. This was in a programme (Insight) hosted by this trustworthy Jonathan Mann (i believe this was his name yes). Now, i have heared lots about the hispanisation problem of the USA, as cheap labor is puring in this large country. But the way in which this programme presented this problem was -to say the least - horrific.

The reporter on site interviewed firstly an oelderly woman who admitted that the takeover of the town by hispanics had robben her of "Her Land". Then an older man (whose most notable feature was a photograph with not one, but two (!) presidents) emphasised how Permanent this migration was, still he explained how non of the older - white - youth wanted to stay to work in a big factory.
The CNN report corrected this emotional comments by pointing at the industrial boom this migration has set in motion as more and more immigrants arrive to work. Another profiting business was the local garage. The white owner said he had no complaints whatsoever about the mexicans. They work hard and pay on time.
Next the feature warned for growing racism, but highlighted a cooperative church where one priest was black, the other hispanic.

Now, the threat of hispanisation was neutralised by the show, but the tone in which the threat was presented, allong with the amount of airtime dedicated to people in fear, and people believing in racism, was very unproportional.

Luckily Euronews was only one button away. I love their segment "No Comment"


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