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While not forgetting about this blog alot of new things have come to pass since the last entry was made. The Energy and Innovation in World-Historical Perspective Symposium i am organising with Steven is open for reservations. And next to John McNeill, Paolo Malanima, Peer Vries and Joachim Radkau who were involved from the first hour, we now also present Coby van der Linde, Pieter Boot and Victor Sergeev).
For more information visit that website...

Yesterday i saw "Walk on Water"...it's a good movie.

enough blogging, time to continue thinking up world history methodology


At 11:44 AM, Blogger machiruda said...

Not particularly good timing, that seminar! Would love to attend, very much related to what I have researched as well, but am not in the country :-( Will probably contact you later to see if I can get hold of the abstracts of some of the speakers afterwards? Good luck organizing, I hope a lot of people will attend!


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