Watch out for those ideas, kids

What is interesting from an historical point of view is the global world we live in. The news of the abuse could reach the arab world so fast, it could beat any military strategist. This points to the power of media like nothing else.
In the imperial times of the west revolutions in the colonies got started because of the modern media. So if media is power, how come we don’t vote for them?
In a certain way we do. We pay the magazines, news papers and cable networks. We pay for their technology, resources and networks. And then the news starts to travel. PC to PC, Blog to Blog, Mouth to Mouth.
The only solution for the United States now is to invest in the spreading of other ideas. Unfortunatly most of these travelling ideas are about anger, hate, fear, war and savagery. (Don’t forget Porn)
So how come one lousy piss on a Qu’ran managed to beat the message of friendship?


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