The dutch vote

So tommorow the dutch hold their first even EU-related referendum. All the pros and cons have been illuminated in such an overwhelming fashion on Television, Radio, Blog-o-sphere, Forums and in real life, that there is no more room for doubt and uncertainty.
Sure, the French said No, but this is about the dutch wanting to say something, based on solid argumentations, and not 'because the French voted No', as BBC Wolrd Service mentioned this morning.
I am going to vote "Ja", and then I am going to forget about the EU and the constitution, as will almost 15 million other dutch people.

But for now, here are some major pros of this new constitution:
.having a constitution gives a parlement more power.
.having a constitution / wanting to have one sells Europe better to Asian markets, of which we have been dependent for most of history.
.having a constitution centralises power.
.having no constitution is waste of energy

Furthermore, most arguments against are pretty leftist is their hope of an honest and fair world economy, I hope this newfound dutchness will influence the next elections

good luck with voting,


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