Jorge Cortell and P2P

Please read the following story:

A Professor in Valencia that was not allowed to explain Peer-to-peer technology.

Basically about P2P becoming scary for the establishment.


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Jorge Cortell guy has lost all creditability in Spain after spanish bloggers found out that his entire CV is fake. He doesn’t even have a bachelor’s degree.

In order to "silence" all his critics, Jorge created a new blog page --- and you have to register to post comments.

But in his new blog, Jorge Cortell PROUDLY proclaims that he received a B+ in a FIRST YEAR UNDERGRADUATE COURSE from Harvard EXTENSION SCHOOL (not the real harvard university, the night school/continuing education division of harvard). Tell me, if he has even a bachelor's degree, he would be taking GRADUATE courses (instead of freshmen undergraduate courses) in May 2005.


And in his new blog page, he no longer shows his CV. That tells you something.


This is his "old and fake" CV.


"University of Brantridge" does not exist in Hawaii. He only has a "Associate degree" from a community college. His Oxford "diploma" in not a real degree either.


Oxford designed this "diploma" (taken via internet) for the "unemployed" and housewifes with kids at home.


Oxford's requirement for this course --- word processing and spreadsheet.


In conclusion --- he doesn't even have a bachelor's degree.

And all his "post graduate courses" in spain --- doesn't count because you can't even enrol in those courses without a valid bachelor's degree.

Use Babelfish to translate the spanish websites.



Here is a collection of websites on him since May 2005, basically everything since May 22 have been saying that he is a fraud.


The spanish edition of wikipedia is preparing to kill Cortell’s entry because of his fake CV fiasco.


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