Well, Fuck George W. Bush

"Pictures don't inspire murders. Murders are inspired by an ideology, that is so barbaric, that the people of the West cannot cannot understand"...


When will the interventionalist american foreign policy reap what it has sown?

"Kill George Bush"
"Nuke Washington"
Not exatly the stuff you want to hear, and it takes an easy lesson in sociology and psychology to be able to understand these murderous ideologists.

...meanwhile in Europe:
-a serious grow in interest in the Islam. Balancing on the edge of "respect fot the other" and scepsis on their societies base values.
-heavy debating about the constitution. apparently, peace stabalises but also make people talk, and talk, and talk....thinking has taken a totally new identity in popular politics and repetetive and unjournalistic media.

So Fuck George Bush...
...long live the arab revolt!
...long live the European Union
...long live Soufism
...long live the internet and all the strange people...


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