Retelling stories

Ideas spread, whether you like it or not. Ideas spread and multiply as they do. This happens through Media, such as Trade routes, Blogs, Telepathy and just talking.
These media are based on individual human thoughts, ideas and concepts. They can be very shallow or very sofisticated. Are there ways to judge thoughts? Can ideas be censored?

This is a very vague issue that has to do with morality and an individuals world-view. It is certain that in today's modern world authorities exist that control ideas within the media. This is no conspiracy, but rather human evolution. This makes very interesting cases in the study of history, especially the relatively new approaches to mentality-history.

How do Blogs add to this senseless, but spirited world of the social sharing of thoughts together with some obvious censors, such as child-pornography, racist and fanatic entries etc.

Do blogs flood the internet with brainless thoughts or to they contribute to the positive spread of information, ideas and feelings?

Can blog be seen as art?


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