They use Us, They are Us.

People like to complain about the governement, or about the contents of the media. But they do not realise that there is only one system and one world. You cannot buy your cheese, without paying some teenagers that work in a supermarket, some students that manage the facility, some multinational that cashes in and some farmer that owns a cow. You divide money that leaked into your wallet in some transfer or productions of goods, You divide it according to your personal taste and necessities. Hereby everyone involved in all the trade and production in the world has some form of control over the world.
Now offcourse almost the entire world is trying to figure how to combine personal taste with necessity, while a huge part of the worldpopulation is not bothered because of their pure effort to survive and not die.
While we in the west are debating taste and opinion, they are figuring out basic necessities.
So if money makes the world go around, who makes the money go around and what is the shopping list.

Enough hippie-crap for now, thankyou...


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