What about the Armenian Genocide?

Armenia is known as an ancient country with long-during connections with Europe, this may explain the easy way in which Europeans are and were sure of the existence of an Armenian Genocide by the Turks in 1915, and this may explain the passion Europeans have in condemning this genocide.

Armenians, together with Koptic and Syrians, are one of the oldest Christian people.
Armenians have for long been trading with Early Modern Europe and connections have been good. But History gives way for allot of "Genocides". But what is genocide? It is the wipe-out of an entire people, it is mass-slaughter. But re-examining the sources show the armenian genocide lookes more like heavy-duty rebellion, ethnic conflict and plain war. Refound nationalism in Modern time has caused this elsewhere in the world.

So, read this article by James McCarthy and forget the armenian genocide, or remember all slaughter.



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