What kind are you?

...the kind that sees miracles, or the kind that believes he's just lucky?

That is the question posed by Mel Gibson in Signs (2002 I believe). Off course the movie triumphs when he sees the miracle, makes the connection and mobilises the divine spirit. I think this is too much of a dichotomy. There is luck, there is spirit, and there probably are miracles as well, but there is also chaos in which all this occurs.
Kabbahlistic teachings tell us about the layers of life. This can also be found in other mystic religious groups, but the Kabbalah is pretty clear about this.
chabad.org: The Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), and specifically the branch known as Chassidus, addresses this issue with what is called the "cosmic order," which consists of a series of stepping stones uniting spirit and matter. There are many layers to reality. The material world experience as we know it is just the surface level, within which exist many dimensions of spiritual energy waiting to be released. By appreciating these inner layers, we can learn to make order out of disorder, to gain insight into the unknown forces that determine all movement and behavior. Because all the different creatures and forces of the universe were created by one G-d, disunity on the surface evokes a feeling in us of a unity within, and our souls reach for it.
Anyway, interesting stuff, weird Mel Gibson. :)


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