Iran, Israel, Syria, Irak and Us

For some time now the Middle East has seen the blood of the innocent shed. Whether these were liberation-warriors, suicide-commando's or terrorists, it is still all about money. In Israeli public opinion there isn't much doubt on the origins of military funding. The United States backs up the Israeli military system, and since recently the Iraqi government, and Iran-Syria pay Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hezbollah. All proparly based in Syria-controlled Libanon.

Now it is interesting to see how coming events will unfold, since Israel suspects Syrian involvement in the assasination of the Libanese former-premier Harari. In material military means, the US is probably unable to invade another country, but then again Libanon and Syria are not Dictatorships like Good ol' Iraq used to be under Saddam.

It is undeniable that public opinion in the arabic Middle East is turning towards democracy. This could well be Dollars at work, as it could be Euro's. We simply don't know. But we can clearly see in history that the US-policy makers, as do their European Imperialist predecessors, have no problem with governing world politics with money. (That is what started fundamentalism, Nationalism and Religion met up to free a poor civilisation.)

Now let's not misjudge the overpresently grudge Arabs may have against their direct threats: The state of Israel and the Questionable US-led Iraq. These may still be perceived as threatening because the future plans remain vague. Some arabs are still afraid of Bigger-Israel. and as long as 200,000 soldiers are stationed in Iraq, US forces are deployable throughout the Middle East.

So moving along the Arab world makes an interesting view. Marocco and the other North-African States have large interest in the upcoming EU-neighbour-policy. Kahdafi becomes enlightened, Egypt will have free elections. There are people on the streets of Libanon. Turkey may join the European Union. Indonesia is recovering from national loss and is a grieving nation. Afgahnistan is unclear. But then there is Iran. And there is Putin. This is where everything becomes complicated and we are back to the essence of World-Governence: Money and Energy and the ending of the Oil-era. World Politics are covered in secrecy, but I'm sure matters are now being taken care of. The European Union is hoping to move into the Eurasian land-mass, while Russia is hoping for the Middle East. Fortunatly America still governs the World, so we'll see. Interesting times, we live in.


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