Historians need 3D vision as well

Recently I downloaded NASA World Wind, which according to some friends of mine was rediculous. They had already got it 6 months ago. I get an idea that historians are usually not into the stars, but maybe World Historians are. (or should be!)

So in this application from NASA you can basically (free of charge) browse the world in 3D, and take sattelite snaps. Then there are some scientific layers you can apply. But the most interesting for me is the 3D.

To be short now, my bottom line logic tells me 3D is more 'real' than 2D. So now humans can make pictures from space, why not do it? The first objection is: We are dealing with histories of countries. We stick to that perspective. This I think is stupid. For instance the fishercommunities around the North Sea, here in Holland, have throughout history formed a unified quasi-culture, while we describe most of history as "dutch". If the issues we research in World History are dealing with civilisations, we must re-allign some historical maps. Modernists are often claiming Nationalism is a modern thing, while anthropologists, historians of the middle ages and even micro-studies are convinced of "proto-nationalism".

Anyhow, to cut a long story short: Wouldnt it be nice to have an atlas be made filled with 3D-images of the earth, colored offcourse according to history, etc. etc...

In order for World History to work, students can use an atlas to develop different outlook. (critical or conventional)
Here are some of these samples

Here is one about Dutch Trade with Russia, and how exotic it can look in 3D:

3D snap of the Antique world, viewed from its centres. You notice Rome
is not that close, and dont forget Europe is just full of "barbaric

Compared to the previous picture this is the land of the "green people".


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