Civilised Democracy

And so the election in The Netherlands came and went. Tidy, clean, organised, informing, hotly debated but mildly put. Diverse political colors, wings, fractions, perspectives, percentages, biographies, histories, interviews and some comedy have passed my view of the media. The Dutch people seem to be Democracy-loving people.

In a world of civil war, exploitation, unfairness, inequality, intolerance, singlemindedness, rebels toppling governements of rebels and easy access to firepower, the Dutch political caste seemed to enjoy civilised, unconfrontational national-social issues such as social taxation, demographics, economic management and some idle greenness and happyfurryness. In this void and empty plastic and commercial elections, one voice makes a small roar. It is the Freedom Party, of Geert Wilders. From the wild land of ridiculously free speech, he shouts: "Stop the islamization!".

But the shout does not impress the left, the right, the blue, the green, the red or the purple gangs. As they must not do, surely. After all, the country has had its big populistic wave during the later assassinated Pim Fortuyn. Wilders being just on the level of Forum Moderator in Nerd-world, but not a grassroots political n00b like Marco Pastors.

In this circus i voted for GreenLeft, mostly because they had the brightest woman competing for a position of real power. Femke Halsema's only female opponent happened to be an even prettier female Animal Activist-MTV's Sweet 16 spoiled brat interbreed name Marianne Thieme.

Being to the point, the Dutch are good and decent people. Evil imams, terrorist cells and jihadism in youth circles is not a small and easy situation to handle politically. So there has been developed large systems to provide the people with their desire to do good. Large Development Cooperation in the underdeveloped world is processed to the whole wide world, and Dutch cooperate in Afghanistan to do the undoable. It is like waiting for bolder nations to do the exploring, and for the Dutch to watch the cards be played and run the country in a civilised way for the time being.

Perhaps now, after these elections the Socialist Party, a grassroots ex-maoist movement - doing good for 30 years to real people - can make a coalition with the Christian Democrats - le'ts worry about homosexuality and the state deficit simultaniously - and with Labour Party - Together we are stronger, and something with morgages. Still the job to form this coalition is a difficult one, so elections are just around the corner. I hope a war breaks out in the middle east in time. The Dutch are excellent salesmen, marketeers, except for their own nation, which very much enjoys much respect throughout the Western World.

Fear for being small translates directly to modesty and civilised citizenship, and it's fucking boring.

Anyway, read more and try and interpret this strange election-results. Develop social theories that explain historical patterns since 9/11, think about the role of identity and religion. Reflect and compare recent events and try to explain what is happening in the world. Whatever you find, please report it to somebody Dutch, for they are apperantly blind, ignorant and selforiented.

P.s. The serene republic of The Netherlands secretly holds sway over many, many territories on earth. Beware.


At 4:55 AM, Blogger Wasp Jerky said...

Glad you had a tidy, clean, organised election. Maybe you guys can export that to the U.S. sometime. :)

At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: civilized democracy

1, The election in The Netherlands is marginal, since EU enforces most of the legislation.
2. The debates were not hot. It struck me that they were hardly debates. Politicians stumbled over their own words and could often not remember what they and others were saying.
3. The Dutch are not democracy-loving. They were easy to cooperate with the German Nazis. Moreover, the recently grown moslim section of the community is Islam-loving and the Dutch embrace the moslims, though the message of the Koran is to chill and kill Christians, Jews and non-religious people. See
4. Free speech is not ridiculous. It is necessary for a sound development of democracy.
5. The Dutch are not civilized anymore. After the cynism of several cabinets and after the killing of Fortuyn and Van Gogh, the facism of Verdonk and others is rising.
6. The results of the election are far from strange. A group of people favours fascism and voted for Verdonk. Another group voted against Islam for Wilders. And a group voted for socialism, wishing away the fascistoid government (CDA and VVD and before CDA and PvdA).



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