Lost Tribes of Israel

European Jews are not the only Jews. Ever since the tribes of Juda split up into twelve different units, they spread out to all corners of the world. Here is a very interesting article about the Japanese Jews and their influence on Japanese culture.


At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

before Japan made korean colony, Korean always memorized Dangun period’s age and ancestor. But when japan administered korea, Japanese upper person said japan have to change korea’s history because Korean nation have pride as a descendant from Dangun. So that times, Japan brunt most of korea’s history books or took away. only the number of books that is about Dangun(korea’s ancestor) was over 200000. Nowadays, by historical material it is more making clear and clear the Fact korea is lost tribe of Israle (Dan). God pursuit True. Not fake. As I say one of the evidence that Korean is dan nation, Sharon flower that showed in bible is Korea's national flower. no matter how Japan insist they are lost tribe, but That flower can't find in japan. and That flower can See in the route from Israle to Korea surprisingly. and there are many evidence. even though Japan took out Most of Korea’s material and make history dostortion. but God will judge them. Korean go missionary Work most many in the world (according to Rate-Korea1, as the number of people-USA 1, Korea2) how about Japan? only 1~2% japanese are christain and there is 3000 various superstition. There was holoy spirit in Korean peninsula in 1907. God chosen Korean nation. Korean nation always show what is miracle. Korean got suffering For 100 years currently. As soon as korean got free fom Japan’s colony , USA and russian made Korea divided and there was Korean war and korea became last divied country in the world. and even after that, military power always tried to occupy Korea(south). but See now’s Korea. 11th economic country, during shortest period Korean made miracle. and What World Saw in 2002 world Cup. Japan never accept their fault that They Genocided so many Korean even Japan was colony of Korea for 1500 years in the past. I saw one of the reason why Japan think they are originally Isralli, There was Pattern of japan's national flower. thare is very BACK-JAE's national flower. Japan is country that is crried on line Of BACK-JAE (one of the korea's old country). ◆http://www.ytn.co.kr/_ln/0106_200707280459473647
This news was from one major Korean publisher. If you can understand Korean, please visit an above site. According to this news, Buyeo tribe (Korean) built a proto-Japanese nation after conquering Waegu.The more interesting thing is that it was proposed by the American scholar, John Carter Kobel. After Gojoseon, Buyeo was established and became divided later; Northern Buyeo and Eastern Buyeo.Buyeo, Goguryeo and Baekje were so close politically and they were the same family. Especially, Baekje was built by Seosono's party, which failed to get the royal power in Goguryeo. Also, this scholar insisted that Gaya was also builted by Buyeo tribe and
we have to call not "three nations period," but "four nations period."
This doctrine is actually proved by many remains between Korea and Japan.
The scholar found out this factors through his study. Somehow, some Korean historians already knew about it and published books. However, this news article says that it was really surprising that the American scholar insisted this.◆

At 7:34 PM, Blogger michael said...

Dangun is the answer. Dangun is the father of foundation of Korea. Gun actually means like Jr. So dangun means Dan Jr. I am from Korea.

At 7:35 PM, Blogger michael said...

gun - jr or king

At 2:25 PM, Blogger mikuniart yatagarasu said...

Thank you for a very interesting korean history! I am a Korean woman born and grew up in Japan. And I visit at least once a year Busan, one of my ancestry lands in Korean peninsula. Everytime I visit there, I always get some inexplicable feeling that brings me to mysterious past of our people. I love Korea from deepest part of my heart and especially its people.

My blog: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/egghead_kiyori


At 5:41 AM, Blogger Joe Ch said...

Dangun was 2200 bc. Exodus of the 12 tribes did not occurr until 800 bc. If there were any migration from tribes of Israel would of happened around 200 bc to 700 ad.


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