Iraq War/Censorship: Britain's former special representative in
Baghdad has been told he cannot publish a book that describes the invasion
of Iraq as "politically illegitimate". Sir Jeremy Greenstock, who has
retired as a diplomat but is still bound by Civil Service rules, has been
told by his former employers at the Foreign Office that The Price of War
will have to be substantially edited before they will allow it to be

from the HNN Newsletter.

A curious thought that touches the system of politics right at its weakest point. Who is a sovereign? Where is the international centre of Power?
The build-up to the Iraqi-war was one of the ugliest political games in our young 21st century. It showed how the United Nations only works when the security council is united and it showed that the European Union is easy to set aside, as far as war-mongering. The United States lead an invasion into Iraq that put Sunni-dictator Saddam Hoessein out of power, and put American industrialists, Shia-parlementarians and Kurdish tribes into civil war. Let's hope the new Iraqi governement will be able to pursue the insurgents to join politics, but let's not forget Iran.


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