Hurricanes kill. Humans confuse.

It is very, very unbelievable to accept the fact that the United States government knew about the risks of New Orleans from the seventies on.

The threat of Terrorism is renewed by presidents according to the changing political landscape. The threat of flood, hurricane and natural catastrophe is a known.

How can a president that is waging war in Iraq in order to "protect the United States" still rule, while the agency that was supposed to write emergency plans was privatised and apparently (they have been working since the nineties) uncontrolled.

This whole happening is very confusing. I hope this confusion will bend into realisation of the severeness of the political and social corruption of the American Nation. I hope this idea will gain democratic majority so that the United States can stop the Imperialist myth and learn to govern and manage itself first. Stop the weapons-lobby, stop the jewish-lobby, stop the oil-lobby. Clean and sweep the dependency of the White House on money.

I hope this flood will reach deep into the United States mentally. I know it does already in the world.

Seeing the images of the victims, the flooded city, the poor conditions and the looters. Hearing anecdotes about the anarchy in the city and the marching and operating National Guard. I hope this will be put to an end very very quickly. How can the USA cope with such a large area of problems. Where can they pur this people so that they can "live the american dream", to put it loudly.

The US has to learn to manage first, rule second.


At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Oshri said...

Right (write) on !!!

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Alexandra said...

Inderdaad ongelooflijk. En je word er erg boos van: hoe kan de 'voorbeelddemocratie' van deze wereld, the home of the brave and land of the free, nu zoveel burgers de stront in laten zakken? Wie weet overleeft Bush deze affaire ook nog wel; dat is dan voor mij voldoende bewijs dat de USA echt het gestoordste land ter wereld zijn. En is het je al opgevallen hoe racistisch deze ramp is? Heb jij al blanken zien verzuipen? Ik namelijk niet.

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Jan van velden said...

totally right.
but being amazed about things not being as one would expect is one step in awareness. It has influence on one's own level of perception. The art is not to be amazed anymore about between others the distinction between creditcard holders and credit card no-holders which has been made by mr Powell in relation to this disaster. What is new? How can we create a better social structure ourselves instead of wanting the netherlands to be the best boy in the american class?

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Tristan said...

Hey Jonathan,

Short update from the Midwest: it really doesn't matter here that Bush screwed it all up. All kinds of democrat senators are saying nice nasty things like 'Hey mr. Bush, here's your homeland security for you' and alike sharp remarks, but that simply doesn't get through to the media here. The feeling here, at least in the local media, is rather: 'It is terrible that this has happened, and we must see it through together!' A very heartwarming, ideological yet completely uncritical and approach to the whole thing. The world is just not seen in the same terms here, I suppose.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger jonathan even-zohar said...

It seems to me an approach based on fear of change and fear of outwardness. You can also change you government together first. Oh well, I just hope that one day the United States will somehow transform into a critical and democratic nation, instead of this fluffy-on-the-outside / sharp-on-the-inside drugs-and-weapons-for sale - multimedia fasist state led by corporative-political caste.


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