Conflicting Values

I yearn to learn, yet I have no problem looking into the redecorated unskinned unidentified dead Chinese carcasses at the Bodies exhibition, now on display in Amsterdam.

Fascinating as the human body is, with all the different systems working with blood, nerves, the brain and the senses, this does conflict with the superhigh moral Human Rights values.

Yet, the museum is filled with high-educated Dutch cultured folk, all of which support Human Rights.

The hypocrasy is like the Vegetarians Dilemma: "Do i save animals by not eating them? Or am i cheating myself by refusing to eat that which is already dead?"

If anything, the BODIES exhibition is a good thinkthrough educational, art-like, biology class, also motivating people to not smoke, and take their personal health seriously, emphasising sports.

Still, is this form respectfull of the human body? I would have felt better of the specimen would have been volunteers.