Time Flies

So (almost) no one felt pressed into respnding to the identification post. Not so weird considering the current terrorism-led U.S.A. by Bush. These weeks have been very interesting and I have learned much. I now know that the Chinese are making an old communist empire into a vast capitalistic bureaucracy where humanrights is something you must earn. Yet they do seem to be doing a good job on the state/chuch division. The message delivired here at Leiden a month ago by a high-ranking Chinese diplomat was: Don't be afraid, we wish to grow peacefully. My friend's father works in China and is eyewitness to mass corruption in the energy-saving mechanisms and other Kyoto-bs. Seems the Chinese don't really give about CO2, while winning the hearts&minds of the world population.

Furthermore, times are uniquely boring in the ever-not-deciding-on-anything-Europe. Merkel might be a good diplomat outside of Europe, but real issues like Afgahnistan, Iran, Iraq, Former-Yugoslavia are rarely discussed. And if so, all the weight remains with the nationstates.
The Israel has lost its big fat leader to his big fat hart. Kadima now runs the country as Likud ministers just stepped out of office to 'prepare' themselves for the coming campaign, for which I can actually vote! I am considering the green leaf party, for real. As for my own position on IL-politics, i think consolidation of the State of Israel is the only real option and there is an ideological apple to bite. Israel must denounce its Jewish nature if it wishes to truly survive the next century with less stress. The only real way in doing so is downsizing the army and tag the nation multicultural, and not monotheistically jewish....we'll see when the oil is gone in 40 yrs orso.