Questions from the audience #4

A person from Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, India has searched google to:
explain the impact of the internet on mother nature

A person from Uganda has asked msn.com to:

I find these extremely fascinating questions any I trust many zero and ones have ordered themselves around the globe to seek the most accurate linguistic answer possible. So here goes.

Mother Nature, or Gaya, is a fantasy tale. It is mostly a naturalistic ideology that construts moral safety for a human being, such as God. However, Mother implies a different set of human emotion. Where as God is a creative regime, the Mother suggest humans are born, in stead of created. As the religious folk say Man was created in the eyes of God. Mother Nature was in labour and had her eyes shut because of the pain. And to naturalists, she is a constant caretaker. Mother Nature endures impact from Human Kind, being the only kind to consume 25% of all energy our planet can receive from the sun. (source)
Internet is a form of human communication, but like the invention of press it is also a technological change for society. Internet is the new authority, and unlike Television it is not zombifying to endure, but exciting to explore.

The most important impact internet has on Mother Earth is the globalisation of communication. The freedom of ideas, most notably "naughty" ones, has joined a big part of the world population closer together. Modern Terrorism is unimaginable without the internet, for it is opening up so much knowledge. Young Gaming folk join into "clans" and an unending resource of discussion platform on top of this. Racism, Anti-Semitism, Fans of Britney Spears, Nationalists, Politicians, Artists, Film Directors, etc., etc. can now communicate fast and easy. The very fact that Mother Earth can be viewed as a whole in Google Earth is amazing and proves the sociological impact, or perhaps the intrintic human progressiveness towards more communication. (source)

As for the person from Uganda's question, I don't know what your Ideal is. If you desire good and freedom for all, as humanist would do, you would be best of with an independant, codified and democratic rule of law. If you desire orde and controle, you would be best with an authoritarian and discriminating rule of law.


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